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Vestibular Board

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The Vestibular Board provides a great accompaniment to vestibular training, or other forms of exercise therapy involving balance.

It is designed to accommodate children or adults of most sizes, providing an extra large support surface to work with safely.

A wide range of different balance positions or postures can be explored with the Vestibular Board, with its low height and sturdy surface optimising safety and confidence.

The board is flexible and balanced, allowing high forces from rocking without tipping over.

This body movement improves balance control, vestibular responses and co-ordination.

The top of the Vestibular Board is made from heavy plywood for stability, and features a removable nylon/Tricot cover which can be machine washed.

The legs can be folded inwards for easy storage and transportation.

Length: 152.5cm (60 inches).

Width: 76.2cm (30 inches).


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