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Thera4fit Standing Board


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  • The health board Thera4Fit is based on combined knowledge in Physiotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and on Yoga theory. As result, the health board Thera4Fit is a modern and very easy to use tool for your regular static stretching. The static and rather passive stretching with the Thera4Fit resembles certain Asanas in Yoga, and may also be helpful by preparing or performing meditation.
  • Primary target of Thera4Fit are regular and well balanced strengthening/stretching exercises of the calves muscles as well as the muscle groups in back and abdomen. At training, it is essential to strain the muscles only within comfortable range. Furthermore, the Thera4Fit is an excellent tool for meditation exercise: in the morning, before bedtime, but also during the daytime, e.g. in the office as a non-sweating exercise.
  • All models Thera4Fit offers 3 different training positions (25°, 30° and 35°): thereby suitable for beginners/elder people, advanced users as well as professionals
  • Stretching+strengthening of calve muscles/tendons: reduction of muscular dysbalance
  • Strengthening of calve muscles: improves the vein function, e.g. at varicose
  • Specific strengthening of the torso´s stabilizing muscles: back, abdomen, pelvic floor
  • Improvement of your sensorimotor function and your sense of balance.
  • Improve your body control and muscle power, and attain optimal agility !
  • Excellent tool for meditation exercise, exercise concept originally from Yoga
  • Benefit from your individual exercise program, and subsequently enjoy the relaxation

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