Beaware! 7 Reasons You Cough Brown Mucus

//Beaware! 7 Reasons You Cough Brown Mucus

Beaware! 7 Reasons You Cough Brown Mucus

Mucus is actually a lubricant that acts like a moisturiser on the throat. So if you see mucus in your spit, you may not need to worry much in most of cases. Generally, dry throat gets irritated and therefore, the throat needs mucus to keep it wet.

But wait, brown mucus means something. It means something is wrong inside as mucus generally doesn’t have any colour to it.

It is better to visit the doctor if you spit brown mucus. Gargle warm salt water to cleanse the mucus and keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water. And here are some reasons why you have your phlegm brown in colour.

Reason #1

Those who experience nasal bleeding because of a condition called nasal polyps tend to spit brown mucus. Visit a doctor if that is the case.

Reason #2

Even pollution can be one reason. When you breathe in contaminated air, your phlegm tends to be darker. That is because your body is trying to throw away the dust particles through your phlegm.

Reason #3

Even acid reflux could turn your phlegm into a different colour due to the food that you have eaten. Undigested food and mucus could make you feel vomit or spit brown mucus.

Reason #4

If you have the habit of smoking, the tar and several other substances present in the smoke accumulate in the lung passage. That could cause brown mucus. Try to quit smoking as your respiratory system will take a severe blow if you contaminate it with tons of chemicals.

Reason #5

Lung infections could also cause brownish phlegm. When bacteria get trapped, the colour of mucus could change.

Reason #6

Even bronchitis and lung cancer could also show symptoms like brown phlegm. Therefore, it is better to get yourself diagnosed by a doctor if you observe coughing and brown phlegm.

Reason #7

Even alcohol can cause infections in the respiratory tract. When lungs and throat suffer inflammation, you may observe your mucus turning brown in colour.

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