7 Acupressure Points That Give Instant Relief From Headaches

//7 Acupressure Points That Give Instant Relief From Headaches

7 Acupressure Points That Give Instant Relief From Headaches

Headaches are one of the most common health problems which we face in our daily life. Be it teenagers, adults or the elderly, headaches spare no one. You pop in a medicine which might give you relief. But sometimes this comes with various side-effects.

So if you are looking at a safer treatment procedure then acupressure would be one of the finest and effective ways to get relief from headaches.

But what is it that gives rise to headaches? Headaches may arise due to stress, lack of adequate sleep, migraine, sensitivity to certain aromas, high blood pressure, sinus, cold etc.

Whatever be the reason, headaches definitely disrupt one’s day-to-day activities. It gives you that irritating feeling and the only thing in your mind would be to get rid of it as fast as possible.

Acupressure is one of the oldest healing techniques that comes without any side-effects. Also the best part of it is, one can do it sitting right at their desk or any other place at home.

We have listed 7 major acupressure points which help in providing quick relief from a headache. Take a look.

1. Third Eye:

The point exactly in between your eyebrows is known as the third eye. Using your thumb apply slight pressure on this third eye point. Keep doing it for a few seconds to about a minute at regular intervals. This helps in providing relief from a headache.

2. Hand:

Whenever you get a headache, press the acupressure point in your hand that lies exactly between the thumb and the index finger. Gently press this point for a few seconds. This can be done sitting right at your desk whenever you have a headache or even symptoms of migraine.

3. Foot:

Whenever you have a headache press the acupressure point that lies just between your big toe and the second toe on your feet. Using you thumb keep pressing it for a few seconds. This helps in providing relief from a headache.

4. Ear:

There are about five acupressure points at the curl of your ears, starting right from the top of your ears and then at one finger distance. Using all the five fingers of your one hand just gently apply pressure on all the five points simultaneously. This gives relief from a headache.

5. Back Of Head:

The acupressure point to get relief from headaches also lies between your ears and spine on the backside of your head. It is just exactly between the confluence of the two muscles. Applying slight pressure on these acupressure points helps provide relief from a headache that is caused by severe nasal congestion and cold.

6. Inner Corner Of Eyes:

The acupressure point for getting relief from a headache is also located right below the eyebrows. Apply pressure on this point and you can get relief from a headache caused by sinus and cold.

7. Face:

Applying pressure on the acupressure point that is located on either side of the nostrils helps in getting relief from a headache that is caused by sinus.

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