PRIMUS Adjustable Fracture Walker Brace with Air Pouch

//PRIMUS Adjustable Fracture Walker Brace with Air Pouch

PRIMUS Adjustable Fracture Walker Brace with Air Pouch


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Security and protection
Ankle immobilisation orthosis


Immobilising orthosis for the upper ankle joint made from injection moulded polypropylene and featuring a light-weight, durable and stable design.

– ROM control that allows for progressive mobilisation between 45° of plantar flexion and 30° of dorsal flexion at 7.5° intervals. Blocking  at 0°, 10° and 20° of plantar flexion.
– Two metal supports to stabilise the foot/ankle.
– An integrated inflation system allows you to gradually increase/decrease immobilisation according to your requirements.
– Its inner padded textile is lined with a soft, breathable and washable fabric which protects against impacts and ensures optimum comfort. Latex-free.
– The non-slip rocker sole allows for a complete gait cycle.
– Adjustable velcro straps guarantee complete immobilisation.
– Simple and easy to fit.
– Allows for the addition of wedge inserts.

Acute ankle sprain. Soft tissue injuries to the calf. Distal stress fractures of the tibia and fibula. Stable fractures of the foot and ankle. Achilles tendon surgery. Immobilisation of ankle and toe joints. Rehabilitation of the ankle joint. Post-ORIF (open reduction and internal fixation) ankle surgery.



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