Oragiene – Arms & Legs Guards R9013

//Oragiene – Arms & Legs Guards R9013

Oragiene – Arms & Legs Guards R9013


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With advanced silver-bonding technology proven to be effective in kiling 99.99% germs and reducing pain in arms and legs.

Oragiene Arm & Leg Guard
Benefits / 功效

Relieve joint pain in arms and legs.
… 舒缓手臂及腿部关节疼痛。

Anti-inflammatory and accelerate healing.
… 帮助消炎,消肿及加速伤口愈合。

Reduce muscle soreness after exercise.
… 减少运动后的肌肉酸痛及不适。

Effective against arthritis, rheumatic, acute or chronic rheumatoid arthritis.
… 有效改善与预防关节炎、风湿性、急性或慢性类风湿关节炎等疾病。

Available in dark blue.
74% Combed Cotton
25% Spandex
1% Nylon
100% Natural Silver Salt
With natural CMC4 Cotton

Washing instructions
Follow these simple washing guidelines to optimise the effectiveness throughout the lifespan of the product.
Handwash in lukewarm water
Do not bleach
Do not dry clean, do not press, do not iron
Do not tumble dry

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