ALPHA CAST FiberGlass (3 /4 /5 inch)

/ALPHA CAST FiberGlass (3 /4 /5 inch)

ALPHA CAST FiberGlass (3 /4 /5 inch)


Color: Green

In case of a fracture or orthopedic disease, it is a product that significantly enhances the treatment effect by protecting the injured area while maintaining the fixed state .

– It is easy to mold with excellent elasticity and is comfortable to wear.
– It is strong and light, so you can freely perform activities after the procedure.
– Due to its excellent ventilation, there is little skin irritation such as itching.
– X-RAY shooting is possible even while wearing casting.
– There is no stickiness of the product, so the procedure is convenient and the adhesion is excellent.

How to use
– Protect the affected area by using Starkinet on the area to be cast.
– Wear medical gloves.
– Open the cast product provided.
– Soak for 10 seconds in 0 degree water.
– Wrap loosely in a spiral shape on the affected area and perform the procedure.

3F (3 inch)
– 7.5cm x 3.6cm
=> RM23.50

4F (4 inch)
– 10.0cm x 3.6cm
=> RM25.30

5F (5 inch)
– 12.5cm x 3.6cm
=> RM28.3


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