Tips To Remove Food Stuck In Gums Easily

//Tips To Remove Food Stuck In Gums Easily

Tips To Remove Food Stuck In Gums Easily

When you chew your meal, some particles of food tend to get stuck between teeth. And when food remnants get stuck in the gums, it would be irritating. Firstly, it is very tough to remove them and secondly, until your remove them, you tend to feel uncomfortable.

Sometimes, food that gets stuck in the gums could rot, decompose and pose several dental problems, if you don’t clear the debris on time.

Dentists say 85% of the people seldom follow good oral hygiene and that is one reason behind the growing dental problems in today’s population.

Some people even use sharp objects like pins to remove food particles from the gums which is a very dangerous practice. Watch on to know more.

Tips #1

Generally, when you are eating outside and food gets stuck in the gums, you may not have a toothbrush handy to deal with it. In such a case, use your tongue to remove the particles. Though it takes time, it is a safer option compared to using a sharp pin.

Tips #2

If you are at home, you can use your tooth brush to get rid of the stuff that gets stuck to your gums. Use a toothpaste to wash the area clean after removing the stuck food particles.

Tips #3

Gargle your mouth using salt water solution. This will help you wash your mouth to inhibit the breeding of bacteria. This practice can sometimes help you get rid of stuck food particles.

Tips #4

If you are in a restaurant, you will surely have a toothpick handy. Carefully move it through the area without piercing the gums in order to get rid of the food particles. But remember the fact that toothpicks can’t be used regularly as they may damage your teeth.

Tips #5

Flossing is a very good way of removing stuck food particles from the gums. If you experience pain while flossing, it could mean a dental infection in which case, you may need to visit a dentist first.

Tips #6

If all the above methods fail, go to bed and sleep. If the food particles never come out then visit a dentist to get rid of the issue.

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