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Benefits of Footlink Shoes

Footlink’s Step 360 Performance Cushioning Insole

Every Footlink footwear comes with Step 360 PORON速 insole built to last for life of the footwear, providing you the complete health and comfort experience when you use Footlink footwear.

Coolmax Insole Lining

Coolmax advanced lining is structured to speed up evaporation, without retaining moisture or perspiration, and actively resists mildew and odors.

Latex Arch Cookies

Latex arch cookies are built into every Footlink footwear to support foot bones and also to reduce foot fatigue.

Microfiber Upper Lining

Microfibre and nylon are used as upper lining. The linings are well padded with PU form to enhance comfort during wear and durability.

Square Toe with High Toe Room

Provides a comfortable space for toes, preventing squeezed toes. Promotes blood circulation better and accommodates bunions.

Natural Rubber Outsole

The outsole is made of natural rubber which is durable, better grip, noise free and also absorbs a certain percentage of step shock.

Research and Tests

Orthopedic Research Lab of USA recruited patients involved in an exercise research program at the Arthritis Research Institute to test PORON速 shock absorbing insole. All the patients suffered from foot and joint pain caused by osteoarhritis and other forms of arthritis.

After using the shoes for a month, 95% of the patients in the test experienced significant relief on shown below:
footlink-test result

Health Benefits

By choosing Footlink as your daily wear, you will enjoy several long term health benefits, such as :

  • Reduction in joints pain
  • Reduction in knee pain
  • Reduction in heel pain
  • Reduction in back pain
  • Reduction in foot fatigue
  • Protect joint health


Footlink health footwear are suitable for all age groups, gender and occupations with special recommendation to :

  • People who’s job specification requires them to be on their feet for long hours,
    such as nurses, teachers,flight attendants and etc.
  • Pregnant mothers
  • People with osteoarthritis
  • Geriatrics/ Elderly people
  • Overweight/ Obese people
  • People with diabetes
  • Golfers
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