Follow These 15 Tips To Avoid Injuries During Workout

//Follow These 15 Tips To Avoid Injuries During Workout

Follow These 15 Tips To Avoid Injuries During Workout

Overenthusiasm and unawareness are two of our biggest enemies during workouts. We either try to overdo, thinking one more round will quicken the fat-melting process or do it wrongly in the absence of an instructor and get a muscle strained here or there.

Generally, lack of enough rest, overdoing without taking into account the body’s conditioning, repetitive movement and motion or simple wear-tear can cause certain injuries during workouts.

So, here are 15 such common injuries that we suffer from during workouts and ways to prevent them.

1. Spraining the ankle:

This is the most common type of injury we suffer from during workout. The ankle can get twisted either while running outdoors or jogging on a treadmill.

How to avoid: Focus properly while stepping on to the treadmill. Outdoors, choose a level path to run or jog.

2. Strain in low-back:

Overdoing in workouts or doing sideway motions can hurt your lower back suddenly. Even a nerve or a disk can suffer a damage.

How to avoid: Lie on your back on the floor, so that your spine gets a good support. Seek instruction from a trained coach.

3. Shoulder injury:

Feeling of pain in the shoulder when you try to reach far-off positions of your body with your hands could be caused by an injury to the rotator cuff muscle, which stabilises our shoulder joint. Repetitive motions generally cause this injury.

How to avoid: Don’t do overhead exercises with too-heavy weights and undertake a smooth action. Also, work on strengthening your rotator cuff muscles.

4. Neck injury:

A twist in the neck is not uncommon during bench press. Having a stiff neck as a result of a workout which went horribly wrong is something we hate.

How to avoid: Check that your lower back and neck get a proper support during doing bench press.

5. Shinbone injury:

Injury in the inner edge of the shinbone may be caused by stress and it is known as shin splints. It is an injury sustained generally during running or also after an increased workout.

How to avoid: Wear proper shoes and run on even surfaces. Avoid uphill or downhill courses. Also, warm up your body before starting or running.

6. Hairline fracture:

Casual and repetitive workout may lead to hairline stress fractures in the foot or shin area. Swelling can occur in such cases.

How to avoid: Increase your workout pace gradually. Don’t overstretch.

7. Knee injury:

‘Runner’s knee’ happens when pain under the kneecap increases because of running, jumping or using the stairs. Sudden quantitative changes in leg activities in everyday workout can lead to this problem.

How to avoid: Take special care of your knees by doing exercises that make the quadriceps stronger. Avoid regular kneeling and squatting.

8. Bicep injury:

Repetitive motions can cause tendinitis, inflammation of the tendon tissue which attaches muscle to the bone, and bicep tendinitis in the upper bicep muscle can be caused by weightlifting.

How to avoid: Do not do repetitive movements and also take ample rest between exercises.

9. Injury to pectoral muscles:

Mishandling a weight can cause a tear in the pectoral muscle that is the one which connects the human chest’s front part with the upper arm and shoulder bones.

How to avoid: Be in control of the weight you are lifting. Take help of a partner during weightlifting to improve your chest.

10. Muscle tear:

Bench or overhead shoulder presses can lead to tear in the shoulder joint (glenoid labrum tear). Glenoid is the socket in our shoulder joint. It may be caused because of over exercising or by a direct injury to the shoulder.

How to avoid: Those who are prone to this injury should try alternative exercises, as there are many.

11. iliotibial band syndrome:

Injury can happen to the iliotibial band, a ligament which runs from the hip to the shin, because of over-exercising, resulting in inflammation. Activity like cycling besides running and weightlifting can aggravate this.

How to avoid: Ensure that the cycle seat is at an appropriate height. As for runners, they should warm up first before the actual exercise. Don’t run on concrete tracks and change your shoes timely.

12. Wrist injury:

This is another injury which can be caused during workouts. Picking up heavy weights can leave your wrist ligaments and tendons strained.

How to avoid: Never pick weights that you are not sure about. If you feel the pinch on the very first go, drop the weights then and there. Use tight wrist bands.

13. Abdominal injury:

Pulling a weight than the capacity your body allows can result in an abdominal injury.

14. Groin injury:

It happens if you put too much stress on the groin or thigh muscles.

15. Hamstring injury:

It is an injury in the upper leg back and buttock. Hamstring is not a single string but a group of muscles. Weak glutes can also cause this injury.

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