7 Tips How To Get Rid Of Swelling Fast

//7 Tips How To Get Rid Of Swelling Fast

7 Tips How To Get Rid Of Swelling Fast

Your body tends to swell soon after an injury. Well, that’s your body’s way of reacting to the injury. Soon after you are hurt, your body sends several fluids to that area and this is the reason why swelling occurs.

Though swelling is a part of the recovery process, you will still experience pain and inconvenience. That is the reason why we try to look for ways to deal with the pain and swelling.

Well, here are some home remedies to get rid of the swelling. There are quite a few treatments that can be done at home in case of swelling due to injury. We share some of the most effective therapies here:

Tips #1

As swelling occurs due to accumulation of fluids, you can raise the affected area as this process can drain some fluids. The affected part should be raised above the level at which your heart is.

Tips #2

Drink lots of water as it plays an important role in clearing the toxins and accumulated fluids in the swollen area.

Tips #3

Using a bandage, you can compress the swell. This will control fluids entering the area. Ensure that you don’t restrict the blood flow to the swollen area.

Tips #4

Place a cloth dipped in cold water on the swell for 20 minutes. This will reduce the swelling. After that, place a heating pad to relieve the pain.

Tips #5

You can also massage the swollen area if it doesn’t pain. Use grapefruit oil to massage the affected area. This will reduce the swelling.

Tips #6

Consume lemon water and cucumber water as they reduce inflammation in the body.

Tips #7

Don’t consume foods that contain sodium when you have swelling. Also, drink more water to flush out sodium.

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