7 Health Benefits Of Prune Juice That You Should Know

//7 Health Benefits Of Prune Juice That You Should Know

7 Health Benefits Of Prune Juice That You Should Know

Prunes contain fibre, sorbitol and sugar; that’s why they make you feel energetic. Prunes are basically dried plums. And yes, they are very healthy. They offer relief from constipation. Prune juice is nothing but an extract of prunes.

Prune juice also contains potassium and also other minerals; it contains vitamins B and C which are necessary for your body.

Prune juice is also good for your hair. It prevents damage and strengthens the follicles. Even your skin looks better if you drink prune juice regularly. It can prevent skin issues like acne and also prevent wrinkles. Now, let us look at other benefits of this juice.

Benefit #1

Your muscles and bones need boron which is a mineral present in the juice of prunes. That is why this juice can reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Benefit #2

Studies claim that prune juice can effectively prevent hemorrhoids. This way, there are many health benefits.

Benefit #3

And yes, it can prevent constipation as it has fibre in it. It boosts your digestive action.

Benefit #4

This juice also clears the arteries and prevents heart attacks. Also, the potassium content in it can keep your blood pressure under control.

Benefit #5

We all know the that anemia is linked to iron deficiency. This juice contains iron and therefore a good preventive measure as far as anemia is concerned.

Benefit #6

Prune juice is said to lower cholesterol levels. It contains compounds which minimise cholesterol production.

Benefit #7

Some even believe that it is a good appetite suppressant. It offers energy and helps in losing weight.

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