7 Health Benefits Of Ice Cream That You Should Know

//7 Health Benefits Of Ice Cream That You Should Know

7 Health Benefits Of Ice Cream That You Should Know

Though all of us love ice cream, we tend to perceive it as a very unhealthy food that can wreck the health instantly. But frankly speaking, even ice cream provides certain health benefits.

But of course, the health benefits can be reaped only if one consumes ice cream in very small quantities. Also, if you don’t make it an addiction, you can enjoy a cup of ice cream occasionally and still stay in shape.

In fact, when you are feeling low and nothing else is helping, eating a scoop of ice cream doesn’t hurt at all. But if you don’t stop there and eat too much, the dangers out number the benefits. So, here are some of the health benefits of ice cream.

Benefit #1

When you eat ice cream in moderation without making it an addiction, it can also help you lose weight. Of course, this works only if you maintain a healthy portion size. Your body needs to burn more calories when you eat something cold. This way, it can help burn some calories.

Benefit #2

Ice cream also provides some instant energy as it contains carbohydrates and sugar too.

Benefit #3

As the main ingredients of ice cream are milk and cream, you are going to get some calcium, protein, phosphorous potassium and vitamins too. So, in short, it has some nutritional value too.

Benefit #4

Some studies claim that eating ice cream in moderation could also minimise the risk of colon cancer.

Benefit #5

Ice cream contains phosphorous and calcium too. Both of these minerals are said to build libido.

Benefit #6

A cup of ice cream can reduce your stress, boost your mood and make you feel good for some time. Yes it relaxes.

Benefit #7

Eating ice cream could also do good to your bones as it contains calcium and phosphorous which are important minerals for the bones.

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