12 Ways To Boost Immunity To Prevent Dengue

//12 Ways To Boost Immunity To Prevent Dengue

12 Ways To Boost Immunity To Prevent Dengue

Your neighbour has caught dengue and has been hospitalized and a small kid succumbed to dengue close by. Hearing all this, might have surely led you to panic. Well, if this is the case then taking measures to prevent the dreaded disease should be the first step.

Dengue, which is caused by the bite of a female mosquito generally affects those who have low immunity level. Hence, the foremost thing is to boost one’s immunity level if you are to keep yourself away from dengue.

It starts off with fever, headache, back pain, pain in the eyes and joints and as it gets severe the blood platelet level will fall tremendously. One starts getting a feeling of weakness and fatigue too. The pain around the joints caused due to dengue is so severe that it is also referred to as breakbone fever.

Also the major concern about dengue is that, till date there is no cure or vaccination for dengue. The only way out is prevention. Hence, getting it diagnosed as soon as possible and getting the needed medical intervention is important. If delayed it might turn fatal as well. Here is a list of 12 best ways to boost immunity level and prevent dengue. Take a look.

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated:

It is highly essential to keep oneself hydrated so that our immunity level does not decrease. Drinking lots of water or other liquid items like coconut water are a great source of hydration for the body.

2. Have More Green Vegetables:

Green vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibres and other nutrients which help in boosting the immunity level. Add more of green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, lettuce, coriander and mint to your daily diet.

3. Oranges:

A rich source of vitamin C, oranges are a great source of antioxidants which help provide a boost to the immune system and also help to protect against infections.

4. Cloves:

A rich source of antioxidants, adding cloves to your daily food helps in building up the immunity level. Thus cloves help in preventing various diseases including dengue.

5. Yogurt:

One of the best sources of probiotic, yogurt helps in fighting the bacteria which might affect the immunity level.

6. Garlic:

Garlic is rich in a compound called allicin which helps to defend the body against bacteria that affects the immune system. Add garlic to your daily food and this will help to build up the immune system.

7. Carrots:

One of the best sources of beta-carotene, carrots help to stimulate the cells and antibodies and protect the body against any infection.

8. Fresh Seafood:

Seafoods, especially tuna, salmon and squid are a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids and are also anti-inflammatory. These help in building up the immunity level and prevent the body from any kind of infections.

9. Regular Exercise:

Apart from taking care of the food that you eat, having a regular exercise regime is equally important to boost your immunity level.

10. Mushrooms:

Mushrooms, especially the shiitake ones are known to stimulate the immune system and help the body fight against infections and also diseases like dengue.

11. Basil:

Take a few basil leaves, wash them properly and then chew them. Do this early in the morning as it helps to provide a boost to the immunity level and prevents one from catching infections and diseases which include dengue as well.

12. Neem Leaves:

Neem leaves are known to improve the immunity system. Take a few neem leaves, brew them along with water in the form of tea, strain it and then drink.

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