10 Worst Foods For Your Brain Health That You Should Not Ignore!

//10 Worst Foods For Your Brain Health That You Should Not Ignore!

10 Worst Foods For Your Brain Health That You Should Not Ignore!

More than your belly fat, what you eat affects your brain. There is a possibility that you might be losing your knowledge because of the food you eat. What you eat can increase your brain power or sometimes it can make you behave like a moron.

You know, mango, apples, bananas, chocolates, etc., are good for your health but for every brain, there is a right kind of food that is available in the market.

Check out some of the worst foods for your brain, which you should stop consuming right now.

1. Buttery Popcorn

None of the films is complete without a tub of popcorn by your side, isn’t it? This pop air food is pack with a high amount of fibre, but microwavable popcorn is an entirely different story. Be it a local brand or a high profile one, microwavable popcorn can be termed as the worst food for the brain because it tends to breakdown the cells that protect the head. Microwavable popcorns are scary stuff because they can harm your heart as well your brain. So, enjoy your movie with air-popped popcorn rather than microwaved butter popcorns.

2. Fructose

Fructose is a type of sugar that can prove to be very harmful to your brain. Foods and ingredients that are extremely high in fructose and glucose tend to affect your brain in several ways. According to experts, it is assumed that consuming more of fructose can damage the brain cells and hamper your brain from functioning properly. The process of learning carried out by the brain is affected on a large scale.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol is termed to be a brain fog item because it tends to change your mind quickly. Alcohol may affect your kidney and liver for a long run, but it also leads to mental confusion in a person. A human brain loses its capability to function normally if alcohol is consumed in an increased quantity. Have you ever wondered why you can not seem to remember things after you get drunk? It is because your brain loses its balance?

4. Fast Food

Call it sodium or fructose or fats, fast food is a house that contains all kinds of fat which proves to be harmful for your brain. According to a research, it is studied that 40 per cent of the people eating junk food every day lost their mental imbalance compared to people who rarely eat. You should avoid eating all kinds of fast foods like burgers, pizzas, fried items, etc.

5. Fried Food

It is said that fried food contains a high amount of dyes, chemicals, additives and artificial flavours, which prove to be very convincing to your brain. These chemicals together affect the cognitive functioning of the brain and also destroy the cells in the brain. Regular consumption of fried food can cause hypertension in both adults as well as children.

6. Copper Or Iron Supplements

No doubt, copper and iron supplements are essential for our body, but any compound taken in excess amount can lead to consequences in a human body. When copper or iron supplements are taken in excessive quantity, it tends to destroy the nerves located in the brain and also lead to nerve cell death. Too much of copper or iron supplements can lead to blockage or cause a personal cell communication damage.

7. Tuna

Most of the experts have recommended to consuming tuna or salmon fish twice in a week, thanks to the fatty acids found in them. Consuming tuna fish can help to build up strong muscles and also assist in the functioning of the brain and heart. But when these fish are consumed in an excess quantity, the amount of mercury found in them can affect the functioning of the brain as well. So, consume tuna but in limit, so that your brain does not expose itself to a high level of mercury.

8. Soy Sauce

A finger-licking sushi may seem to be incomplete with a dash of soy sauce over it. But did you know, one spoon of soy sauce is equal to 40 percent of day’s recommended salt intake by a human body? Consuming soy sauce in a high amount can restrict blood to the brain, further affecting the memory. So, it is always better to include soy sauce in small quantities and opt for a low sodium soy sauce.

9. Ice Cream

One of the delicious things ever made on this earth is ICE CREAM! You can rarely count on anyone who does not love ice cream. Ice cream is one of the best-frozen desserts preferred by all of us. But consuming ice cream can indirectly affect your mental health. One cup of vanilla contains 10 grams of saturated fat that can clog arteries and 28 grams of sugar which can misbalance the working functions of the brain.

10. Processed Foods

Processed foods might be low in sodium, but they are packed with a high amount of saturated acids and sugar. According to a research, it is said that people consuming processed foods on a daily basis complain about problems related to their brains compared to those who don’t. Apart from a brain, your heart also suffers due to consumption of excess processed foods.

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