10 Early Sign That Your Teeth Health Is Not In Great Shape

//10 Early Sign That Your Teeth Health Is Not In Great Shape

10 Early Sign That Your Teeth Health Is Not In Great Shape

Oral health is something we often tend to ignore. We refuse to knock the dentist’s door till our tooth pain becomes severe. Are there signs that can show if our teeth are getting bad?

The functioning of our oral health gives enough hint about an impending problem which we should not ignore under any circumstances.

If we ignore those early signals, then we are set for the worse. It’s time you ditched those lethargic feelings away and make sure your oral health is completely taken care of at any cost.

This video is really going to help you learn more about the signs which show that your teeth are getting spoilt. It could really help you get to know the early ways of getting treatment for the same.

So, here are 10 early signs that say that the health of your teeth is not in great shape, have a look at these ways and do spread the word.

1. Toothache:

This is a basic warning that something is wrong with a tooth or the overall dental health. If your mouth or jaw is hurting, the reason could be toothache. It usually is caused by the formation of cavity as a result of bacterial infection or a gum disease. A toothache can also be caused by a wisdom tooth. But, whatever be the reason, rush to the dentist right away, so that the cause of the pain can be diagnosed and a tooth can be saved from death.

2. Bleeding Gums:

Bleeding of gums can occur because of a number of reasons like gingivitis (which is a gum disease), hard brushing or flossing. Do not ignore if your gums bleed often, as you never know what is in store. Make an appointment with the doctor immediately.

3. Bad Breath:

Bad breath can indicate at a lot of problems that our health has, be it oral or something more serious like liver disease. If bad breath continues to make things uncomfortable for you, then it could be signaling a gum disorder. A healthy brushing and flossing regime is important to reduce bad breath. See a dentist to understand what exactly is causing the bad breath and go for a suitable treatment.

4. Pain In The Jaw:

Pain in the jaw could be a warning for a lot of things, including a poor dental health. Diagnosing the exact reason for a jaw pain could be difficult, as it could be caused by various reasons like toothache, arthritis, sinus, gum disease or disorder in the jaw itself. A dentist is the best person to point out the reason through X-rays.

5. Teeth Sensitivity:

If your teeth have a sensational feeling while consuming hot or cold food items, then there could be a problem with them. It might have been caused by the exposure of a nerve here or there because of tooth decay or injury, gum disease, decaying of the tooth enamel or a recession of the gum. Go to the dentist instead of allowing the sensitivity to worsen, so that a suitable treatment can be undertaken.

6. Soreness In The Mouth:

Mouth sores can be caused by several factors like bacterial infection, virus or fungus or friction caused by dental fittings or sharp edge of a broken tooth. Consult a doctor if the severity of the pain lasts for over a week, as there could be some serious problem in there.

7. Loose Teeth Or Loss Of Teeth:

A tooth may get uprooted because of gum disease. This could also be a signal of osteoporosis, which is a serious bone ailment. Studies have established a link between osteoporosis and how it affects the jaw bone, which results in a loose teeth. Go for a regular dental check-up, so that such a possibility can be detected early.

8. Change In The Surface Of Tooth And Enamel:

Erosion of tooth’s surface or change in the appearance of the tooth enamel often indicates at eating disorders and acid reflux caused by gastritis. Stained teeth also reflect your careless eating and smoking habits and should be considered a warning for future health issues. Consult a doctor to whiten your teeth as well as for the right advice.

9. Pain While Chewing:

Sometimes, our teeth grow cracks because of an injury or brittleness, but they remain invisible to our eyes. However, the crack can get worse if it remains untreated. Hence, whenever you are having problems chewing, see a dentist and get the problem detected.

10. Dry Mouth:

A dry mouth can also be a symptom of an oral or dental disorder. The saliva in the mouth is a reliable agent against tooth decay, as it cleans up the food particles that can lead to bacterial infection. Dry mouth hence can make the teeth vulnerable to infection. See a doctor to find out if your mouth glands are functioning properly.

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