10 Bad Sleeping Positions That Could Hurt You

//10 Bad Sleeping Positions That Could Hurt You

10 Bad Sleeping Positions That Could Hurt You

Sleeping is something we all love. It is the most peaceful activity in our daily life and it helps our mind and body recuperate after a hectic day at work. This article talks about some of the sleeping positions that are bad for your health.

Sleeping also has its dimensions to become a productive and healthy activity and of them, a sound position during sleep is the most important one.

Several of us have awkward sleeping positions that we naturally get into and suffer the consequences later.

So, it is better to know about the various bad sleeping positions beforehand, so that you can train yourself to avoid them or ask your mate or a family member to alert you if they find you going back to those stressful positions after falling asleep.

Changing sleeping positions; however, doesn’t happen easily, irrespective of their consequences on health, since it is related to one’s own comfort level.

But you can always experiment with newer and better sleeping positions and find an alternative to the unhealthy position you have been sleeping in for a long time.

So, here are 10 sleeping positions that are bad for your health, take a look at them and avoid these at any cost:

1. Sleeping On Stomach:

This sleeping position is an absolute No-No. This position can cause problems for your breathing pattern, since your neck and nose come under stress and also result in ‘pins and needles’ syndrome in arms and legs caused by the pressure that is applied to the joints and muscles. Yet those who find it convenient can place a pillow under their hips to relieve stress.

2. Sleeping In Foetal Position:

The foetal position gets its name from the position of babies during their foetal stages inside the womb. This is a harmful position for it can create several problems in the neck and back and also restrict the breathing process and hinder the overall sleeping process.

3. Sleeping On An Uneven Or Hard Pillow:

This is another unhealthy way of sleeping. Many people crush their cushion under their head or put excess of one pillow while sleeping. The unevenness or hardness of the pillow surface can result in a stiff neck or shoulder pain the next morning.

4. Sleeping Side-wise:

If you have sleep apnoea or a problem of constant snoring, sleeping sideways can be beneficial. But having said that, this position also has its shortcomings. It can cause facial wrinkles and also lead to saggy breasts. Sleeping on one side can also form numbness in the arm caused by one-sided pressure. Sleeping on the right side can aggravate heartburn while on the left side can put pressure on internal organs like the liver, stomach and lungs.

5. Sleeping With Arms Up:

Though good for back health, an arms-up position can cause discomfort in the shoulder. So, avoid this sleeping posture at any cost, as it can be bad for your health.

6. Sleep With Partners:

If you dream a lot about sporting activities in your sleep or have nightmares, there is every possibility of you regularly shifting positions in the bed and end up kicking and injuring your partner or yourself. So, be aware about that fact and confine yourself while sleeping.

7. Sleeping On Back With Arms On Side:

This is the best position to sleep generally, but it might however aggravate problems for those who have sleep apnoea and snoring problems. Others could sleep following this pattern every night.

8. Sleeping On A Sofa Or Chair:

Sleeping on a sofa or chair or anywhere where your body doesn’t rest in an alignment is something we should avoid. Such a posture can leave a pain in our neck or back. An improper sleep can have adverse effects on the regulation of metabolism and hormones.

9. Sleeping Covering Your Face:

Though this is not something related to a sleeping position; nevertheless, it is very important to ensure that your face isn’t covered with a blanket or cloth while you are sleeping, may be to avoid cold or light. It can choke you during your sleep, since your nose will be covered and therefore lacks contact with fresh air.

10. Couple Sleeping Positions:

This has more to do with the couple’s affinity towards each other. The sleeping pattern of couples also hints at their mental health. Positions like spooning, chase, cradle, etc., show how much involved the members are in their conjugal relations.

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