Tynor Clavicle Brace With Velcro – Child

//Tynor Clavicle Brace With Velcro – Child

Tynor Clavicle Brace With Velcro – Child


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Clavicle Brace with Velcro is a smart and comfortable brace designed to immobilize, compress & stabilize fractures, involving the clavicle bone. It ensures linear union and no telescoping of the fractured clavicle bone.

Clavicle Brace is made from raised fabric with soft cushiony PU foam inside. The elastic nature of raw materials used, allow the brace to breathe with the body.

It is constructed to provide lateral compression to the fractured clavicle bone, which gives a traction force that ensures linear union and no telescoping of the clavicle bone.

Back pad forms a fulcrum for the four-way pull, The splint in the back pad ensures no pinching of the sensitive axilla.

Reverse buckle mechanism and hook loop tapes ensure flexibility in positioning, strong fitting, and no loosening of the brace in Tynor Clavicle Brace with Velcro design.

>Most Comfortable
>Smart and sleek
>Wide flexibility in positioning
>No underarm rash
>No buckle biting

>Ideal for those who do office work. Students who spend a lot of time on the computer or sitting at a desk can also wear it.
>Apply the compression on the clavicular structure.
>Clavicle bone fractures.
>Excellent in the post-operative care of the clavicular region to support the bandage and promote healing.
>Recommended to cure and treat the problem of rounded/stooping shoulders and humpback.
>Smart and elegant design that can be used under or over the clothing.

>Reverse buckle fastening with hook loop tapes provides wide flexibility in positioning, better tightening, and grip around the clavicles.
>The figure of eight design with lateral vector ensures linear union of the clavicle bone, allows the required movement of the arms with perfect immobilization of the clavicle bone, easy application, and tightening of the product.
>Soft PU foam padding ensures no underarm rash, improves comfort and compliance.
>It is a 100% comfortable stand.
>Great flexibility in the voltage level.
>No friction under the arm.
>Supplied with a polypropylene rod in the back to ensure a neutral position.


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