Ripple Mattress w Pump

//Ripple Mattress w Pump

Ripple Mattress w Pump


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Name: Bubble Ripple Mattress


Designed for the treatment and prevention of pressure sore stage I in long-term and domiciliary therapies. The mattress in PVC is composed of 130 ,7cm-high bubble cells, particularly comfortable, it is fixed to the bed by extra flaps on both top and bottom side. Very easy to install, maintain and use thanks to the possibility of adjust comfort range. The pump can be hung to the end of the bed by means of two hooks.


Technical Specifications:



Power Supply: 230v/50Hz

Weight: 0.9kg

Air Output: 5 liter/min.

Case Material: Flame Retardant ABS

Pressure Range: 45-110mmHg

Cycle Time: 10-12 min.

Dimension: 26 x 11 x 9.5 cm



AB Alternating

Structure: 2.5” x 130 Bubble Cell

Material: PVC of Medical Grade

End Flaps Available

Color: Beige

Maximum Weight Capacity: 110kg

Flame Retardant Standards: CA117

Inflated Dimension: 200 x 90 x 6.5 cm


– Pad can be cleaned by disnfectant solution

– Do not immerse the pump in water

– Do not heat or steam in autoclave



Taiwan Medical Grade PVC

Japan One-Time Forming HF Device

Air Storage for Noise-Reduce Technology


Bubble Mattress

Include Pump

Max User Weight = 110kg

Additional information

Weight4.40 kg
Dimensions30 × 19 × 19 cm


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