OCA Cooling Cushion Soft Cushion & Car cool

//OCA Cooling Cushion Soft Cushion & Car cool

OCA Cooling Cushion Soft Cushion & Car cool



The cushion is filled with approximately 5.8 litres of water. This water will be absorbed into the foam, resulting in a gel-like texture. The valve is opened to release air that is trapped inside. The valve is then closed securely to prevent leakage.

– 100% anti dust mite & anti fungal
– Made of durable and flexible material
– Suitable for everyone – Office workers, wheelchair users, home use
– Comfort with a cooling sensation
– Unique water and foam technology
– Helps distribute your weight evenly
– Helps improve your posture
– Reduces the strain on your neck and back
– Retains shape, fits user perfectly
– Improve blood circulation throughout your lower body
– Long-lasting, durable, easy to clean

Carcool (RWC03) —- 16 x 16″ x 1.5” = 4.8kg
Soft Cushion (RWC04 ) —- 16 x 19″x 1.5” = 5kg

Color: Random (Purple or Yellow)


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