NOVOSCALE Body Weight Scale CB501

//NOVOSCALE Body Weight Scale CB501

NOVOSCALE Body Weight Scale CB501

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NOVOSCALE Body weight scale is modern, compact health design scale with durable top glass plate. It’s step-on-start feature making it simple to use with no button to press.

If the scale has been moved, the scale may need to be initialized. Here is how to initialize your scale:

  1.  Place the scale on a flat and hard surface.
  2.  With one foot only, place just enough weight on the scale for the display to show zero. Once you see the zeros, remove your foot.
  3.  Wait for the scale to turn off.
  4.  Step on the scale to measure weight.

    – NOVOSCALE BC501 Body Weight Scale *1
    – CR 2032 Battery *1
    – Instruction Manual *1

    – Maximum capacity : 108kg
    – 100g graduation
    – Clear LED screen

    Size: 4cm x 31cm x 31cm


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